Nordkapp 1 - 2015. See: Buell Nordkapp 2015 

Nordkapp 2 - 2024: July 5th to August 3rd.

Highlights include visits to the Fjord Region, Atlantic Road, Arctic Circle, Lofoten and Nordkapp. Countries: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Total distance approx. 4,500 miles over 29 days. See maps below.

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Nordkapp 2

Fjord Region July 10th to 12th. See:

Atlantic Road July 15th. See:

Arctic Circle July 17th & 25th. See:

Lofoten July 19th. See:

Nordkapp July 22nd. See:

Guide to Norwegian scenic road trips:

Tour Itinerary - details correct as of 29th February.

July 5th Friday Night    

July 6th Saturday   

July 7th Sunday   

July 8th Monday   

July 9th Tuesday   

July 9th Tuesday Night        

July 10th Wednesday           

July 11th Thursday             

July 12th Friday                    

July 13th Saturday              

July 14th Sunday                  

July 15th Monday                 

July 16th Tuesday                

July 17th Wednesday           

July 18th Thursday              

July 19th Friday                   

July 20th Saturday               

July 21st Sunday                  

July 22nd Monday              

July 23rd Tuesday                

July 24th Wednesday          

July 25th Thursday              

July 26th Friday                    

July 27th Saturday               

July 28th Sunday                 

July 29th Monday                 

July 30th Tuesday                 

July 30th Tuesday Night      July 31st Wednesday           

August 1st Thursday            

August 2nd Friday                

August 2nd Friday Night      

August 3rd Saturday 

August 3rd Saturday Night

August 4th Sunday

August 5th Monday          

Hull to Europort Rotterdam P&O ferry 

Europort Rotterdam to Dinklage, Germany (242 miles) (Via TLM Nijmegen)

Oeversee, Germany (200 miles)

Hirtshals, Denmark (233 miles)

Hirtshals, Denmark to Kristiansand, Norway Fjord Line ferry (Ship 4 hours 09:30 to 13:30) 

Evje, Norway (40 miles)

Lofthus, Norway (188 miles) Fjord Region  

Lofthus, Norway

Lofthus, Norway

Førde, Norway (160 miles via Lavik)

Molde, Norway (190 miles) Atlantic Road

Molde, Norway

Grong, Norway (260 miles)

Storjord, Norway (240 miles) Arctic Circle  

Narvik, Norway (195 miles) Lofoten

Narvik, Norway

Sørkjosen, Norway (190 miles)

Honningsvåg, Norway (230 miles) Nordkapp

Honningsvåg, Norway

Kautokeino, Norway (210 miles)

Jokkmokk, Sweden (274 miles)

Strömsund, Sweden (310 miles) Arctic Circle  

Berkåk, Norway (267 miles)

Geilo, Norway (245 miles)

Bykle, Norway (193 miles)

Kristiansand, Norway (163 miles via Steane)

Kristiansand, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmark Fjord Line ferry (Catamaran 2.5 hours 13:00 to 15:30) 

Horsens, Denmark (142 miles)

Kirchseelte, Germany (260 miles)

Geldern, Germany (176 miles)

Geldern, Germany to Europort Rotterdam (126 miles) (Via TLM Nijmegen)

Europort Rotterdam to Hull P&O ferry 

Arrive back in the UK and travel down to the Cotswolds (174 miles)

Broadway (near Willersey)

Broadway (near Willersey) Attend Moto Laverda 75th Anniversary 

Travel back home (150 miles)