Gutsibits: V85TT Billet Aluminium Rocker Cover Protectors.

Gutsibits part number ACA85876.

Gutsibits part number ACA85876.

27th December 2021.

Available through Gutsibits, billet aluminium rocker cover protectors. Part number ACA85876. Made in Mandello del Lario.


As expected, the Gutsibits ACA85876 Rocker Cover Protector set is very easy to install. Everything lines up perfectly and the quality is superb. The Guzzi eagle cut out is a nice touch, very stylish.

The set as supplied comes with 4-off M6 x 45 socket dome head fasteners which are BZP finish. Where appropriate we prefer to use stainless steel fasteners on our machines. As shown in the pictures we used M6 x 45 A2 stainless socket cap head screws with small OD washers. The torque figure is 10Nm.

If you wish to do the same, we can recommend Westfield Fasteners as a supplier of stainless fasteners. We have used them for years and can’t fault their mail order service. They have a good selection of sizes in stock in all grades of stainless. Their website: Other suppliers are available.