Pyramid Plastics: V85TT Rear Hugger Installation.

Pyramid Plastics rear hugger is a stylish, quality piece of kit and offers a useful amount of protection to the swing arm, shaft drive boot and, to some extent, the rear shock absorber.

In December 2020 I installed the Pyramid rear hugger on our V85TT. Hopefully, this series of pictures will prove useful to someone contemplating buying one or about to fit one.

As you would expect the instructions supplied with the hugger are more than adequate to complete the task. The rear wheel must be removed so you can access the two inner M8 bolts on the shaft drive housing. Pyramid recommend using a high quality T40 Torx key on these bolts. I used an extra-long T40 key manufactured in Germany by Stahlwille tools. Their hardened steel Torx keys have correctly formed ends and fit the Guzzi bolts perfectly.

The instructions state that the casing around the bolts must be heated for five minutes with a hot air gun to soften and release the thread lock applied on the production line. I found that 5 minutes @ 500 degrees C was required to achieve this.

I used a cut down extra long allen key and Loctite 262 red when installing the new bolts. The torque figure for these bolts is 25NM.

Even though there is a fair amount of work involved to install the right-hand mounting bracket, I am pleased with the result. The hugger is solidly mounted with no flexing and there is more than enough clearance between the swing arm and tyre.