Moto Guzzi V7-750

Near Helmsley, North Yorkshire. 31st May 2020.

Near Helmsley, North Yorkshire. 31st May 2020.

2014 Moto Guzzi V7-750 Stone – Customised.

First registered 02-02-15, Jane took delivery on 14-02-15.

Jane’s V7-750 (nicknamed ‘Victor’) started life as a plain matt black ‘Stone’ version. Before taking delivery the supplying dealer (Moto Strada in Shipley, now closed) painted the petrol tank pearlescent white with red and green stripes. The standard plastic side panels were replaced with metal V7 Racer side panels. These were also painted pearlescent white.

This motorcycle was lowered in the same way as Jane’s Breva 750, using TEC rear shocks (now replaced see below) shortened side stand, and moving the forks up through the yokes by 20mm. See: Breva 750ie

The standard Guzzi silencers have been replaced with Italian made MIVV units. Part number GHIBLI. They are road legal as supplied and emit a pleasant V-twin tone without being offensive. They have a removable baffle/DB killer. The quality, materials used and design of the MIVV silencers is superb.

Although not set-up for touring with luggage equipment etc. Jane’s V7 has made one trip to the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario and one visit to the Netherlands for a Buell event.

As of 1st October this motorcycle has covered 42,845 miles and other than the front brake disc problem described below it has proved to be a very reliable machine.

The standard OE 6 drive pin front brake disc had to be replaced at 9,818 miles within warranty and again at 26,416 miles out of warranty. Following signs of warping again around 37,000 miles it has now been upgraded to a Brembo Gold Series 10 drive pin brake disc, Gutsibits part number BRA37315. The Brembo disc is thicker than the OE disc and less prone to warping. It is fully interchangeable with the standard OE 6 drive pin disc and is suitable for ABS models. See pictures below.

We have checked the hub which the brake disc mounts onto just in case that was the cause of the problem, but it is flat with no run-out.

While the front wheel was removed to replace the brake disc, we also had a new Pirelli Sport Demon tyre fitted* and replaced the OE brake pads with EBC FA244HH pads. As recommended, we used new brake disc mounting bolts, M8x20, Gutsibits part number BRA81286. The original wheel bearings were still OK and didn't need replacing. 

Gutsibits BRA37315 & BRA81286, see: Gutsibits Moto Guzzi Spares 

Other parts suppliers are available, see: Guzzi Parts & Service Resource

Torque figures for this work:
Front axle: 80Nm
Fork pinch bolts: 10Nm
Brake caliper bolts: 50Nm
Brake disc bolts: 25Nm – Loctite 243 blue on threads

* Tyre Tec Trading in Enfield (0800 357 9757) supplied the tyre and P & K Motorcycles in Ravensthorpe (01924 450334) fitted it. Tyre Tec Trading website: 

Gutsibits V7-750 Rear Suspension Upgrade. Part number SUA36000 Hagon Nitro Rear Shock Absorbers.

Fitted at 37,866 miles

10th April 2023. 



2014 V7-750 42,000-mile (6,000-mile) Service. Carried out on 10th 

and 23rd September 2023.

6,000-mile Gutsibits Service Kits: Engine SIA28002, Oils OIA28001, Fuel Filter FUA01090. See:

Other Moto Guzzi parts suppliers are available. See: Moto Guzzi Service & Parts Resource