Magni-Guzzi Prototypes.

From one of the most isolated capital cities on earth, comes the amazing account of two of the rarest motorcycles in the world; the dual-prototype Magni-Guzzis of Tadeusz ‘Ted’ Stolarski. Ted’s unique bikes contain prototype versions of Moto Guzzi’s 4V 992cc engine that would go on to power Moto Guzzi’s first superbike of the modern era; the spectacular Daytona 1000. Incredibly, not only are both of Ted’s engines prototypes they are also housed in prototype frames.

Both frames are the earliest versions of Arturo and Giovanni Magni’s twin-shock frame that was in the planning stage to become Magni’s first Guzzi 4V powered superbike; the highly desirable Magni Australia.

Full story here: and video below.

Magni-Guzzi Prototypes: P2 First Fire-Up In 20 Years.