2023 Breakfast Meets

2023 Breakfast Meets in the press.

MGCGB Gambalunga magazine September/October 2023 issue.

Bicilindrica magazine October 2023 issue.

A series of informal breakfast meets in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds at the Seaways Café, Fridaythorpe. YO25 9RX.

Website: https://seawayscafe.co.uk 

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Held on the last Saturday in the month, April thru September, they start at 9.00am and are open to all Buell/EBR and Moto Guzzi enthusiasts. See photo gallery below for pictures of this year's meets.

2023 dates:

April 29th
May 27th
June 24th
July 29th
August 26th
September 30th

Saturday 29th April

An overcast morning in East Yorkshire, damp roads first thing and the threat of rain later meant it was a quiet start to the 2023 Breakfast Meets season. Thank you to everyone who attended. There was 1 Buell, 8 Guzzis, 1 Indian and 1 Ducati. Seaways Café continues to be an excellent location for these meets, and we would like to thank all their staff for making us feel so welcome.  

Saturday 27th May

We couldn’t attend the second breakfast meet of the year but in our absence, Chris Horton took the pictures below. There was a total of 9 Moto Guzzis.

Saturday 24th June

The June breakfast meet was a real cracker with 1 Buell and 16 Moto Guzzis present, including 2 rare beasties, an MGS-01 Corsa and a Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza. Thank you to everyone who attended.

John’s MGS-01 Corsa is one of a total of 125 that were built in Mandello del Lario. It must be one of the best-looking motorcycles ever made and is most Guzzi enthusiasts dream bike. We believe only 2 or 3 have been registered for the road in the UK. At this time of writing there’s one unregistered MGS-01 for sale in the UK at £45,000.

MGS-01 development history, see Moto Guzzi MGS-01 

MGS-01 Corsa @ Seaways Café, Saturday 24th June 2023.

Simon’s Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza looked equally stunning. A fascinating machine to drool over, it weighs 53kg less than the donor bike which was a 1997 1100 Sport that had clocked up 65,000-miles. All fasteners are titanium, and the wheel spindles are also made of titanium. The exhaust system is a one-off handmade unit. Also see: Ghezzi-Brian 

Saturday 29th July

Despite intermittent rain showers the July breakfast meet was another good event with 2 Buells and 13 Moto Guzzis present. Thank you to everyone who attended. In addition to the regulars there’s nearly always new people and machines at these meets.

David from Barnsley came on his 1985 V35 MK3 which he has owned for 2 years. First launched in 1977 with the V50, the V35 range is rarely seen in the UK but was popular in Italy where it fitted into that countries licensing and tax category. Unusually, it wasn’t built in Mandello, but at Innocenti instead. David’s V35 showed 25,769km on the clock and was in good overall condition.

The first V100 Mandello to attend this series of meets was ridden by Mark. It’s his first Moto Guzzi and he’s covered over 2,000 miles since taking delivery earlier this year.

Paul from Derbyshire arrived on his Buell 1125R. It is fitted with 1125CR injectors and has undergone a lot of detail work. It certainly attracted a lot of interest from riders of other marques.

Clive from North Yorkshire rode his 2001 Buell X1 Lightning to the meet. Owned from new it has covered just 15,000 miles. Following a dropped valve, the engine was rebuilt by Hammer Performance in Sandpoint Idaho. See their website: https://www.1250kits.com

Engine work carried out includes:

XR1200 flywheel/crank

1275cc barrels

Stage 3 high compression ported heads

Combustion chambers matched to pistons/cams

Big high lift valves & conical springs

S&S roller rockers

High lift “Crush” cams

Chrome moly push rods with “Mae West” ends

Uprated clutch

Mikuni HSR 48mm flat slide carb

Hammer Performance air intake filter assembly & billet engine mount

Lightened r/h engine cover (remove belt guard casting)


During 2018 Clive took his X1 Lightning to the United States. He rented a Ford pickup truck and covered over 5,000 miles visiting many well-known landmarks including Pikes Peak Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, and The Rock Store in Cornell California.


The Pikes Peak Highway is 19 miles long, beginning at 7,400 feet and ending at the top of the 14,115-foot summit. Clive said the X1 struggled due to the thin air at that altitude, but it made it all the way to the summit for a very memorable picture.     

Pictures credit: Clive Atkinson

Saturday 26th August

A wet start in West Yorkshire gave way to a beautiful sunny morning in East Yorkshire. There was a threat of heavy showers in the afternoon, but we managed to stay dry for the rest of the 106-mile round trip. There were 8 Moto Guzzis at the August breakfast meet. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Dave from Hornsea, who we’d not seen since last year, brought his 1979 Guzzi 1000cc SP special. This machine is bristling with many one-off parts that Dave made himself, including the exhaust system. As a tribute to Hawkwind, Dave named his Guzzi ‘Silver Machine’ - hence the MACCHINA DELL’ARGENTO decals on the tank. Dave has owned this Guzzi for 18 years and it’s covered at least 74,000 miles, including a trip to Mandello del Lario.

The Seaways Café raises money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance through selling homemade items in their shop. Jane bought me a hand kitted ‘Barney Bee’ as a mascot for the V85TT. Barney looks forward to sharing in many future adventures.   

Saturday 30th September

There were 18 Moto Guzzis and 1 Indian at the September breakfast meet. Thank you to everyone who attended and thanks especially to Chris Horton, who helps to publicise these events through social media channels.

There was a good selection of machines, ranging from a 1968 V7 Ambassador to a 2023 V100 Mandello. It helps that Moto Guzzi has such a rich history and there’s a good number of older models still in regular use.

Mark, the owner of the V100 is still very happy with his first Moto Guzzi. It has now covered over 3,000 miles.

The 750cc V7 Ambassador is owned by Trevor. He bought it in 2006 and this machine still has its original 1968 paintwork. It exhibits a beautiful well-worn patina. It is fitted with a 5-speed 850cc Eldorado gearbox rather than the 4-speed unit this model was originally supplied with.

At the end of 2021 when we first posted the idea for these meets, we weren’t sure what the response would be, but they have proved popular and while not everyone can make each meet, they have been well attended. We plan to hold them again next year.

2024 dates:

April 27th

May 25th

June 22nd 

August 10th 

August 31st 

September 28th