Moto Guzzi Breva 750ie - Long Distance Information.

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We took delivery of Jane’s Moto Guzzi Breva 750ie (nicknamed 'Barney') on the 20th December 2006 and he was first ridden on the 17th February 2007.

Barney reached 100,000 miles on the 23rd November 2014. Since then he's had two speedometers fitted because the original display stopped at 99,999 miles.

What a motorcycle Barney has proved to be. He’s taken Jane on tours and day trips all over the UK, Ireland, Western Europe and Scandinavia.

The most memorable trips have been to the Nordkapp and the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In addition to regular routine servicing and maintenance these are the major parts that have needed attention:

Service history as of 25th March 2024.

6,212 miles, August 2007: front brake disc replaced under warranty.

13,285 miles, April 2008: right hand silencer replaced under warranty.

50,630 miles, March 2011: original ‘wet’ battery replaced with Yuasa maintenance free.

72,641 miles, August 2012: TPS unit and HT caps replaced.

76,639 miles, January 2013: front wheel bearings replaced.

87,068 miles, October 2013: rear cush drive rubbers replaced.

88,645 miles, March 2014: rear shock absorbers replaced.

96,000 miles, July 2014: gearbox output shaft oil seal replaced.

106,723 miles, August 2015: rear brake caliper and rear brake disc replaced.

120,251 miles, September 2017 to April 2019: taken off the road for engine work due to increasing oil consumption and a slipping clutch on mountain passes, plus general machine refurbishment.

Major parts replaced: piston rings, valves and guides, clutch, timing chain and tensioner.

Valve springs, push rods, gearbox, cylinder bores, crankshaft, camshafts, rear wheel bevel box and shaft drive were all inspected and found to be OK. The original swinging arm, steering head and rear wheel bearings were also inspected and found to be OK.

We carried out all the work except for refurbishing the cylinder heads. Paul Klatkiewicz of Ducati Technical Services fitted free-issue guides and valves.

128,369 miles, August 2020: new right-hand ignition switch assembly and a new side stand switch fitted.

131,071 miles, September 2020: original starter motor replaced.

133,606 miles, September 2021: new Motobatt battery fitted, part number MBTX14AU. 210CCA, 16.5AH.

134,148 miles, October 2021: original regulator rectifier replaced.

145,030 miles, Winter 2022/2023: original steering head bearings and seals replaced.

145,391 miles, March 2024: gearbox output shaft oil seal replaced. (Second time this has been replaced, first was @ 96,000 miles)

Also included on this page are Jane's magazine features which first appeared in Gambalunga, the Moto Guzzi Club GB magazine.

Number 1: February/March 2013, 77,000 miles and Arctic Circle Buell Challenge.
Number 2: January/February 2015, 100,000 miles.
Number 3: January/February 2016, 108,600 miles and Nordkapp Buell Challenge.
Number 4: July/August 2020, 128,300 miles.