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FUELL Europe: here

UK Buell Enthusiasts Group 2024 Events

See: 2024 Events Diary 

UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Facebook Page: 

2024 Breakfast Meets.

 See: here 

Em's Day 2024

UK Buell Enthusiasts Group

@ D-Day 80th. Details: here 

D-Day 80th Anniversary

Saturday & Sunday 1st & 2nd June. CRMC Croft Circuit. 

Event features a Buell XBRR on track. Details: here 

Original video provided by Brian and Tracey, owners of this Buell XBRR which Jeremy McWilliams last rode at the 2006 Daytona 200. This rare ex Warr's machine is #2 out of 56 made.

Video conversion to MP4 format by the UK Buell Enthusiasts Group. Best played at maximum volume, preferably number 11.

Saturday 25th & Monday 27th May.

LAHC East Kirkby Bank Holiday Events. 

Details: here

Monday 10th June. LAHC East Kirkby Mosquito Photography Day. 

Wednesday 12th June. LAHC East Kirkby Bomber Bike Night.

Details: here

Sunday 26th May.

Newby Hall Italian Cars & Bikes Show.

Details: here

Moto Guzzi Enduro Meet June 2024
Moto Guzzi Day June 2024

Moto Guzzi Events

- organised by the UK Buell Enthusiasts Group.

Details: Enduro Meet 15th June  & Guzzi Day 29th June 

Erik Buell - Fllow Electric Commuter Orders. Details: here

V85TT manuals available to free download.  

See: V85TT Manuals

V100 Mandello manuals available to free download.  

See: V100 Manuals 

The first issue of our American Thunder newsletter.

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The first issue of our American Thunder newsletter.