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18th February: announced on GuzziTech, the very sad news that Dr John Wittner has passed away aged 77.

John Wittner obituary: here

Moto Italiane limited-edition book: Doctor John’s Moto Guzzi.

This is an unmissable book, accompanied by many beautiful and exclusive photographs, available as an individually numbered limited edition, printed on high quality paper. It comes with a hardback cover, 152 large-format pages, and texts in both English and Italian. Advance orders are now being taken for its publication in April 2024.

Details: here 

Start of project on our 109,853-mile 2005 Breva V1100: replace leaking CARC Bevel Box Output Seal.

We returned home from a ride on Sunday 28th January to find oil streaks on the rear wheel rim. New OE seal ordered from Gutsibits on 29th January, part number TRA90511 - GU90408511. Delivery lead time 3 to 4 weeks from Italy.


Other parts suppliers are available. See: Moto Guzzi Service & Parts Resource

The entire CARC Bevel Box unit was replaced @ 4,996 miles on 15th April 2006 through a recall program by Moto Guzzi. The leaking seal has lasted 104,857 miles.

While we’re waiting for the CARC Bevel Box Output Seal to arrive we’ve brought forward jobs from this years planned maintenance schedule:

With the leaking seal removed the original main CARC bearing is now visible. No signs of heavy wear or free play. No unexpectd debris on the CARC magnetic drain plug.

Strip, inspect and regrease the rear suspension linkage. This was last done during the 60,000-mile service. Three of the eight needle roller bearings needed replacing. All other original components are reusable.

Upgrade original SACHS rear shock to Hagon rear shock.

Gutsibits part numbers:

Rear suspension bearing SUA81066.

Rear suspension bearing oil seal SUA81068.

Hagon Breva V1100 no remote SUAM67038.

Event page updated with  additional images and videos.

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Buell Super Cruiser Development Updates. 

Daytona Bike Week 1st to 10th March. Details: here

Bomber Command / Dambusters Tour: 

Tuesday 27th February SOLD OUT, Tuesday 5th March, Tuesday 26th March.

Plus exterior tours Avro Lancaster restoration and Mosquito,

February thru April. Details: here

May 19th, Sunday.

IBCC InSpire Ride 2024 + The Great Escape @ 80. See: here and here 

Ride it Day 2024. 

Sunday 21st April. Details: here

Erik Buell - Fllow Electric Commuter Orders. Details: here

Winter 2023/2024 

Mablethorpe Beach Races.

See: here

Winter 2023/2024 

ACU Motorcycle Events.

See: here

V85TT manuals available to free download.  

See: V85TT Manuals

V100 Mandello manuals available to free download.  

See: V100 Manuals 

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