It was only when looking at a picture of a V85TT prototype from late 2018 that we realised that there was a plug which covers the large holes in the crankcase. The part number is 2B006262. If you don't have engine bars fitted the engine looks far better with these in place.

As of February 2023 we have 5 pairs in stock and can offer (at cost, on a non-profit basis) the 2B006262 blanking plug to UK V85TT owners through this website. 

Price is £3.60 each/£7.20 pair including packing and first class postage. Payment is by PayPal here: PayPal.Me Please include a shipping address.  

Note, we recommend putting a drop of super glue on these plugs to make sure they stay in place. The original pair we fitted popped out after several thousand miles and were lost. The replacement pair with super glue have stayed in place and we have not had any further issues.

2B006262 Crankcase Blanking Plug. Left Side.

2B006262 Crankcase Blanking Plug. Right Side.