NCCR Sweden Buell/EBR Page.

April 2021, new NCCR Sweden Buell/EBR website: 

EBR Splitlath/WSBK Race Bikes For Sale.

Look at the NCCR Showroom and check out the EBR 1190 WSBK and Splitlath RS race bikes for sale.

If you would like to own an original EBR 1190 RX World Superbike or the Splitlath Motorsport EBR 1190 RS which Mark Miller rode around the Isle of Man Mountain course, here is your chance.

Also, NCCR will build one road legal WSBK Replica based on the Factory Teams show bike including the latest NCCR engine and chassis updates.

Further information and contact: 

Sales presentation video: NCCR Sweden EBR 2 

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NCCR Sweden Buell/EBR Product News: 5th October 2021.